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Just1 J12 Helmet | Product Evaluations

The Just1 J12 lid is made in Italy and is ECE and DOT approved so you’re free to roam anywhere you like in Oz.

Before I go any further, let me apologise on behalf of the manufacturer for the name of this helmet. It sounds like a kids’ breakfast cereal. Fortunately, it’s a lot better for you than a bowl of sugary breakfast treats.

The Just1 J12 lid is made in Italy and is ECE and DOT approved so you’re free to roam anywhere you like in Oz. It’s made largely of carbon-fibre, hence the $650 price tag, and positions itself in the top half of the market in terms of features and damage done to your wallet.


WEIGHT Like most helmets nowadays the J12 hovers around the one-keg mark at 1100g. It feels light on top of your shoulders and carries its weight pretty evenly.

SAFETY I wear an Atlas neckbrace and the J12 chin is neckbrace compatible, or Neckbrace Front Fit (NBFF) compatible as they are calling it, meaning it fits easily about the brace. It also has easy-to-remove cheekpads in case of an emergency.

CLEANING The complete liner can be removed for cleaning.

AIRFLOW I sweat really hard but I’ve never really had to worry about my perspiration streaming down my face in this helmet.

COMFORT: This is a personal preference but I found the J12 very comfortable and it easily accommodated both the Fox VUE goggle and Scott Prospect.


PEAK While it says the peak is adjustable, I don’t see how without plenty of fidgeting. There are two fixed side bolts on either side, which mean a bunch of fiddling around to adjust the peak. At least it will never angle itself too far down!
MAGNETS I’ve said this about most helmets but where are the magnetic cheek pads and the magnetic clip for the leftover neck strap? They make living with a helmet much easier.


This isn’t just a helmet (see what I did there), this lid could save your life. It’s comfortable, light and well ventilated. Luckily I haven’t tested it’s safety on my precious brain, but I did stick it on Big Red’s fat, ugly head and bashed it like a piñata. The good news is, he’s just as dumb as he was before he went into the helmet so it must work!

Mitch Lees

BILL: $649.95
BLOWER: (02) 9827 7561