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JUST1 J12 SYNCRO Helmet Review | Product Evaluations

Lucky this brain bucket is a good piece of kit because JUST1 may struggle to sell them off the name alone – J12 and Syncro?

Strange, maybe it helps your brain change gear, but that one is spelt synchro. Fortunately it’s one of the best helmets I’ve worn, with some of the best equipment. The J12 Syncro is JUST1’s flagship noggin protector. Oh, and while the name isn’t cool, the look is.

Here is what we rated about the J12 Syncro;
COMFORT This is a personal thing, but I found the JUST1 fitted my head perfectly. I’m normally a Large and the sizing was spot on. It contoured well without creating pressure areas.
PROTECTION The J12 Syncro is ECE and DOT approved so it’s done it’s time in the testing room. It has a full carbon shell which not only looks cool but also allows the helmet to absorb impact better than plastic. It has emergency release cheekpads that slide out in case a paramedic needs to remove the helmet without disturbing your neck but they shouldn’t need to as the liner is made from EPS foam which crushes better than normal stuff in the event of a crash.
WEIGHT The helmet weighs just over 1200g, so it feels light. There’s no awkward, bulky feeling from the top of the helmet, as those grams are distributed evenly.
CLEAN I’m a big sweater but, surprisingly, I didn’t notice it too much in this helmet. I didn’t have sweat rolling into my goggles or down my face.


ADJUSTABILITY The peak is fixed and doesn’t offer any adjustability. It was in the right position but for transport legs heading into the sun I like to pull my peak down.


You can’t go wrong with a helmet in this price bracket, they’re all pretty good nowadays. I haven’t had any big head knocks so I can’t vouch for the concussion test on this one. JUST1 is an Italian brand that didn’t enter the fray until 2011, so they must be doing something right to have survived this long in an already crowded and difficult market. At the end of the day, when you’re spending top coin it all comes down to the fit, as the safety spec. is pretty competitive across the board. If the JUST1 fits right and DOT and ECE certificates are good enough for you than simply pick your colour … there’s six of them. Mitch Lees

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