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Kawasaki KX250F: Long Term Update #5 | Back End | Bike Reviews

THIS MONTH I HAVE been concentrating on getting the suspension on the KX250F dialled.

The exhaust mods I made by replacing the header pipe with a 2011 KX250F one and opening up the silencer have really cleaned up the output and made the bike much more rideable with a broader, smoother powerband.

I am really happy with the performance of the engine. The last thing to get sorted was the suspension. I didn’t want to jump right in and go adjusting things without getting used to the bike and getting my head around what the bike does in different scenarios.

Early on I changed the front and rear springs to stiffer Kawasaki ones, which made the bike handle much better and held up my weight. I found that the valving was smooth and progressive but the initial part of the stroke was still a little on the soft side for me so I set about re-valving front and rear.

I came up with valve stacks that kept the original progressive feel but made the initial part of the stroke a little stiffer and I am absolutely stoked at how it turned out. The KX is handling great and is very impressive to ride.
It feels light and is effortless to throw around. It is everything you want a good motocross bike to be.

Now that I have the KX performing just how I want it to there isn’t anything on the “to do” list other than just to enjoy it and see how the bike goes as the hours tick over.

So far there have been no serious issues to report on. Nothing out of the ordinary or alarming. The KX has been every bit the bike I expected it to be.

It was due for a service so I checked the valve clearances, but they were still within spec and, in fact, haven’t moved at all since the last time I checked them. I gave the bike the run over with a spanner to make sure everything was still tight and I changed the oil and oil filter.

I have been using genuine Kawasaki oil filters and oils. This is the first time I have used Kawasaki Oils and I can’t seem to fault any of their products. The oil has been coming out clean but that is mainly due to me changing it every five hours and not letting it go until it is burnt and black.

The chain needed adjusting and a good lube and is just about at the end of its life but the Bridgestone Battlecross tyres I fitted are still in good shape. The front is showing barely any signs of wear while the rear has slight wear but still plenty of mileage in it.

I have a few meetings to do over the next month so I’ll see how the KX handles it and report back next month.

Technical Editor Mat Boyd

MODS THIS MONTH: Re-valve suspension

This long term update was published in ADB issue #450 – March 2017