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LONG TERM TEST #1 | 2024 BETA 300 RACING | Bike Reviews

ADB Editor Mitch Lees has had to give up his 2024 Beta 300 Racing long term test bike before he even got to ride it!

I was sitting in the shed working on my Yamaha YZ450F when I got a call from ADB Ed Mitch Lees. Mitch and I are buddies and we regularly ride together which not only means I get to ride a heap of cool bikes Mitch gets to ride but I also get to ride bikes for him when he’s injured. That’s exactly what happened here. He was calling about a 2024 Beta 300 Racing.

Mitch broke his ankle which required surgery six weeks ago. The injury happened the week after Mitch parked the 2024 Beta 300 Racing in his garage having only ridden it around the paddock to move some cattle. So luckily for me it was still new! Sorry Mitch…

I only have the 300 Racing for the time Mitch is not allowed to ride which I think will be about three months. Mitch has told me the day the surgeon says he can ride again he’s driving to my house and taking it back! Mitch was planning on turning the 300 Racing into a hard enduro super sled but I’m keen to use it as an off-road race bike and even try it at motocross.

The 300 Racing has been a blast so far, and has excelled at everything I’ve thrown at it, which has been mostly between the trees in the trails and off-road test loops. I’ve even ridden it in a whooped-out, rough motocross-style track and some sandy trails and aside from the suspension being a little soft for me on the big hits,  it’s done everything above expectation.

The motor is the highlight for me so far with the power suiting every condition and the twin spark plug laps up the small climbs I’ve had to do. I’m really looking forward to getting this bike into some tight trails and some snotty climbs which I’ll aim to do this week.

So far maintenance wise I’ve had to adjust the chain due to a little bit of stretch but otherwise everything’s been perfect. Stay tuned for some more feedback once I get into the bush on this beast!

Jeff Briggs

2024 Beta 300 Racing


$18,395 Ride Away


Three months, parts only


Beta Motor Australia




MODS THIS MONTH: Tighten chain