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There’s no riding with a shirt full of busted ribs so our Enduro Editor Geoff Braico gets some shed time with the 2024 Sherco 300 SEF Factory.

Unfortunately, it’s been a bit of a slow month for me and the 2024 Sherco SEF 300 Factory. We’ve had a lot of rain around the Sydney/central coast areas and honestly, my days of going out in the mud and riding until I wear the chain, sprockets and brake pads out are long gone. Funny how that is once you don’t have a parts budget you can dip into. Plus, when the mud gets like that, the clean up when you get home is a nightmare. So, the 2024 Sherco SEF 300 Factory has remained garaged up nice and dry waiting until we get some sunshine back.

I’ll also blame the fact that I just fitted new Holeshot graphics to the Sherco, so I definitely don’t feel like destroying that in the mud. I have been a part of the Holeshot graphics family for as long as I can remember and the Kenny family, Brett, Cam and Dan have become lifelong friends of mine and every time I manage to score an ADB long termer, they are more than happy to help me out. Cam knocked up this really cool factory replica kit and he is experimenting with new products like Flouro backed vinyls so that’s pretty sweet. The quality and fit of their kits are second to none and I look forward to seeing how the new materials handle the abuse.

I also have confirmed to myself that I’m officially getting old as I’m dealing with an injury that happened by falling over at work. Yep, I slipped over in the rain and landed smack bang on a large piece of sandstone and busted my 10th and 11th rib on my right side. I’ve broken ribs before at an AORC in Vicco a few years back, but I forgot just how much that hurts and annoys you. There’s always a niggling pain in my side and forget about coughing or sneezing, that’s enough to make a grown man cry.

So, yeah, I’m off the bike for probably four or five weeks which is a shame because now the sun has come out and things look prime time. I’ll make sure I don’t rush around a site in the wet next time.

That’s enough from me for now, I have some super exciting stuff happening in the very near future so that’s keeping me sane while I’m off the bike but as usual, thanks to ADB and Sherco Australia for giving me the opportunity to throw a leg over the new 2024 Sherco SEF 300 Factory. Hopefully, I’ll be back riding by the time the next issue is on the shelves.



RRP $15,249


BLOWER 03 83631600

Warranty 6 months



MODS THIS MONTH: Holeshot graphics

MODS NEXT MONTH: To be decided