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The lucky bastard piloting our 2023 Beta RR390 Racing long term test bike drops in to let us know what he got up to in September.

Not a lot has changed since my previous report on the 2023 Beta RR390 Racing long term test bike other than two sensational trail rides. Although both were short, they were packed with the goodness of continual action and zero boring open trails. With the winter weather in full swing the first ride was the day the skies finally stopped leaking and although he ground was damp and the trails littered with puddles the riding was prime-time.

We only clocked up an hour of ride-time on the 2023 Beta RR390 Racing long term test bike as we followed a succession of single trails that dished up everything except for rocks and hills. I definitely enjoyed the sharper steering and smooth cornering from the small modifications I made to the suspension. In the extra-slippery stuff I once again made use of the wet map selection that took control of the power output. The smooth and gentle delivery just makes riding this bike in slippery conditions so damn easy.

I did notice that the rear tyre had slipped a small amount on the rim. This came from rear brake use as opposed to aggressive acceleration. The valve stem of the tube was bent over on a slight angle and if I had had the time I would have removed the rear wheel and peeled off one side of the tyre to set it straight but I didn’t. I grabbed a 13mm ring spanner and checked the rim-lock and it required some tension as did the rim-lock on the front tyre but obviously with my lackluster braking ability the front tyre had not moved.

Why was I in such a hurry? ADB boss Mitch and ADB test animal Ben Grabham were in town so I caught up with them to ride a couple of trails at Daniel “Chucky” Sanders’ apple farm. These two trails were used for Victorian Off-Road Championship racing in 2022 and both had been restored after racing duty. They are situated in thick forest on a hill with more twists and turns than a Geoff Braico story from an International Six Day Enduro.

The ground conditions were damp but not wet and I left the 2023 Beta RR390 Racing long term test bike in the sun map for the entire ride and enjoyed the thrill of great traction and hard acceleration. The Pirelli XC mid-soft rear tyre is still like new and offers the same amazing performance as it did when I first rode on it. The MX32 front remains reliable and dependable with excellent grip and feel. This tyre combination is a favourite of mine.

You may find this hard to believe but I like this bike more and more every time I ride it. I love the suspension and with such a great ride at Chucky’s farm, I reckon I was able to feel a need to explore a slightly softer setting for the shock to match where I have the fork. I will check the static sag and take a screwdriver and spanner with me when I head out next time. And I will definitely straighten that rear tyre tube valve and tension the rim-lock.

Full report in issue #529 of ADB.