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LONG TERM TEST | CFMOTO CX-2E #1 | Bike Reviews

The prodigal son has returned! Jaxon, the first born of ADB Ed Mitch Lees, is back onto a long term test bike, the CFMOTO CX-2E.

They say taking candy from a baby is easy but if my experience of taking the Torrot Motocross One off my then three-year-old son Jaxon was anything to go by, it certainly is not. When I told Jax we were finished testing the Torrot Motocross One last year the tears started flowing. Then I told him we would try another long term test bike called the CFMOTO CX-2E and they stopped just as quickly.

It seems the electric minibike floodgates have opened and more and more brands are jumping on board. Kids bikes are a good place to start for new dirtbike brands like CFMOTO because typically, the rider isn’t as hard on gear as an adult can be. For that reason it also makes sense to jump into the minibike game with an electric bike because there are less challenges producing an electric minibike than an electric bike for adults.

We’ve seen the likes of Beta build an electric minibike, the Minicross E, about eight years ago, Osset successfully launched one, Torrot, YCF, KTM, GASGAS, Husky and now CFMOTO.

Last issue we ran a comprehensive test on the 2024 CFMOTO CX-2E and judged whether or not it was a successful first outing for CFMOTO in the dirt. We decided it was but that it could improve things like suspension travel, throttle response and weight bias to be more dirtbike-friendly. Since that initial test we’ve been flogging the long term test CFMOTO CX-2E to death in all kinds of weather conditions and tracks.

On a wet, sandy track we had issues with grit getting into the power on/off button that’s behind the handlebar. The button was stuck in the on position and we couldn’t get it to pop back out. I tried unbolting the front mudguard and bracket that holds the switch on and then dismantling the switch to clean it out but the switch cannot be pulled apart. In the end, I just ordered a whole new switch system and it bolted straight in.

Jax loves riding the long term test CFMOTO CX-2E and loves all the buttons but they are a major distraction. I’m constantly telling him to look up. Kids and buttons and lights! Stay tuned as we see if we can lighten the load a little and if we can soften the suspension.

Mitch Lees

Long Term Test 2024 CFMOTO CX-2E




12 months


Mojo Motorcycles




MODS THIS MONTH: New on/off switch