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The Chinese-built CFMOTO CX-2E has the speed of an Italian supercar. Here's how our CFMOTO CX-2E has been going after 4 months.

During a recent trip to our local park to ride the CFMOTO CX-2E I realised the CX-2E might be a little quick for the green spaces around Sydney. The CX-2E has three speed settings and Jaxon refuses to ride in any other setting but three, the fastest.

He was doing his usual thing which is to go as fast as he can in one direction, skid turn and go as fast as he can back in the direction he just came from. I’ve asked him if he’d like to ride through the trees off to the side or try and weave in-between the bushes but he’s more interested in simply going fast. I realised what he was enjoying doing was leaving his braking to the last minute before hitting a tin fence. On one occasion he nearly went through it and the last thing I need is an angry neighbour.

In the 18 months Jax has been piloting an electric dirtbike around the parks of Northern Sydney, we’ve never had any trouble from the community. In fact, they’re more intrigued than upset. I think it’s the renewable angle or simply the fact they can’t hear him ruining their serenity. It means they all seem to love these mini electric dirtbikes (Jax had the Torrot Motocross One before the CFMOTO).

The benefit of not pissing off the neighbourhood means Jax can ride at least twice a week. I spend half my time at the family farm and half my time in Sydney so while I’m in Sydney, the local parks are the space for Jax to go riding. If it wasn’t for them, we’d have to travel nearly two hours to ride. The electric angle really has opened up the areas Jax can ride.

Getting back to the speed issue. After scaring the daylights out of me I asked Jax again to put the speed limiter on level 2 but he continued to fight me on it. Instead he agreed to go slower and stop earlier.

A week later when we were back on the farm Jax had no choice but to use speed level 2. We were in a tricky, technical track and four-year-old Jax realised that he had more control over the CX-2E when he’s in a less powerful engine mode. So anytime Jax is in a gully and needs to crawl out, he turns the map back to 2 and it still has enough grunt to crawl out of a ditch without being too wild and breaking traction. So the engine modes have come in handy not just for when he was getting used to the bike but more so for the terrain he rides the bike in.

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