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When you’re stuck in the city but still want to ride get your Torrot Motocross One long term test bike out! See how good this electric bike is in the suburbs.

After picking up Jax from kindergarten one Friday afternoon, he wouldn’t stop pestering me about riding his “blue bike” –  the Torrot Motocross One long term test bike (try getting a three-year-old to say Torrot Motocross One). I don’t live anywhere near a motocross track and I didn’t want to go back down to the local park because it was peak hour in the playground with school finishing up. I’m conscious of eventually pissing off the wrong person, letting Jax ride around the park, so I try to keep his park motos to a minimum.

I caved to his incessant whinging and loaded the Torrot into the ute and headed to my parents place about 10 minutes drive from my house. They’re on an acre of land with neighbours either side and it’s a real horsey kinda area. I figured a squirt around their backyard will really test the quietness of the Torrot Motocross One and potentially the future of the relationship my parents have with their neighbours.

As I drove into my parents driveway with the Torrot Motocross One long term test bike in the tray of the ute I got a few double looks from nosey neighbours. I reckon they had “00” dialled in their mobile phones and were just waiting for the deafening squeal of a 50cc two-stroke on the pipe.

I unloaded the Torrot and wheeled it around the back of my parents property. I got Jax changed into his flouro O’Neal gear and off he went. I didn’t catch any of the neighbours peering over the fence but I would have loved to see the look on their face when they realised Jax was riding but there was no noise!

In fact, the neighbours petrol leaf blower was more irritating than the Torrot Motocross One long term test bike. Electric bikes for kids really are a game changer. Not only can he ride it at a park without pissing anyone off but the bike is so quiet, your neighbours will not hear it. Most power tools in your garden shed will make more noise, seriously.

Embrace the electric revolution, for kids anyway, and get your little one swinging off an electric minibike, no one will have any idea they’re even riding.