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LTTB | GASGAS EC 350F: LOADING UP | Bike Reviews

Grabbo fits some plug-and-play gear

Long Term Test Bike | GASGAS EC 350F

After spending my first few months on the GASGAS EC 350F in close to standard trim, I decided it was time to start adding a few parts and see if they gave me the results and versatility I was chasing. The first two parts off the GasGas Technical Accessories list I went for was a Combination switch and fork preload adjusters.

The Combination switch is just a fancy name for a mapping switch. It gives me access to Map One (standard), Map Two , Map ONE with TC mode (traction control) and Map Two with traction control. Fitting the Combination switch is super easy as it basically slides onto the  handlebar and plugs into the wiring harness behind the headlight, it’s that easy.

The fork preload adjusters took a little longer to fit as they required the fork legs to be removed so the top caps could be changed – quite an easy job for anyone with basic mechanical experience. I got the   preload adjusters as they would allow me to change the spring preload from zero (standard) to +3mm or +6mm depending on what I liked the feel of.

As soon as I had both of these parts fitted, I headed out into the bush to see how they worked. First up, I played with the map switch. After warming up on Map One, which is the standard one I am used to, I switched to Map Two. Instantly the EC350F was a lot more responsive to throttle movement. The track I was riding was pretty flowing so the livelier feel worked quite well.


Next up I hit the TC button and activated it on Map Two. This gave me a great mix of mellow, controlled traction and snappy mid-range power. Very happy with how the 350 was feeling in Map Two with TC, I left it there and decided to play with the fork preload adjusters. Just  like the map switch, the preload adjusters were set on zero which is the standard setting I am use too.

Next up I twisted both adjusters to the +3mm option and after hitting the first few small bumps it was obvious the fork was working so much nicer with the little extra preload. The majority of the bumps I was previously feeling through the handlebar were all but gone as the fork was now sitting higher in the stroke and giving me a softer ride. I could tell the front was sitting a bit taller and this didn’t bother me as the 350 still turned great.

Seeing the +3 option was all positive, I stopped and twisted both fork preload adjusters to the +6 option.  Instantly I started to run wide in the tight corners as the front felt really tall. There was one rough, fast straight where the +6 option did make the front work better, but the loss of front end feel on tight corners had me switch back to my favoured +3 pretty fast.

Either way, I am pretty stoked with the latest additions to the EC350F and look forward to being able to adjust them depending on the terrain I am riding.


RRP: $14,490
WARRANTY: One months (31 days)
DISTRIBUTOR: GasGas Australia


MODS THIS MONTH: Pre-load adjusters, map switch
MODS NEXT MONTH: Factory triple-clamps

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