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NITRO MOUSSE | USED AND ABUSED | Product Evaluations

Grabbo has been trying to get me to run Nitro’s mousse tubes for years

Well, I’m converted! Grabbo has been trying to get me to run Nitro mousse tubes for years but I’ve always baulked because I was nervous about the flat, dead feel mousses supposedly produced from the tyres and, of course, the price. But having ridden with them for six months I can confirm none of my preconceived worries have been confirmed. Based on the way they are wearing (which is negligible) I predict that, as a trailrider who rides every other weekend, I could get two years out of them. Big call, I know, but Grabbo has a set in his bike that are two years old and they’re only now feeling a little dead.


QUALITY I opted for the Nitro Mousse over a regular mousse because they’re meant to run cooler and, therefore, last longer. So far so good.

FEEL I’ve stuck a few mates on my bike without telling them it had Nitro Mousses in it and they haven’t said anything. In fact, the only time they’ve said something after I’ve told them is that they were wondering how they were getting so much traction!

TRACTION I have paired my Nitro Mousse with a Dunlop AT81 gummy on the rear and it’s almost like cheating. The mousse is meant to feel like a tube running 10-12psi, which it does, but it lets the tyre conform to the terrain. Do not race a Grassroots Hard Enduro this year or you will be at a disadvantage.


FITTING Having never fitted a mousse I let them get hot before fitting, which meant they’d expanded! I didn’t know this about mousses. They aren’t as easy to fit as a tube so make sure they are cold.


Some people may be wondering why I didn’t put the price as something I didn’t like. Simple fact is, if the rear lasts two years I’d probably go through three or four heavy-duty tubes in that time. So even if the Nitro is about $100 extra, after two years of riding I believe the better performance and not having to worry about a pinch flat is worth it.



BILL: $199.95 (rear), $199.95 (front)