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NOLAN N53 HELMET | Product Evaluations

IT SEEMS LIKE there are a million helmets to choose from nowadays thanks to the more relaxed import rules so safety has to be the number one priority when making your choice.

BILL: $299.95
BLOWER: (03) 9464 3366

Nolan’s N53 is a lightweight off-road helmet made in Italy. They’ve been making road helmets for yonks and have an extensive range, but they only have one off-road lid, the N53. This particular model, The Flaxy, ranks mid-pack when it comes to price, with the ask only varying because of the pretty pictures, or lack thereof, on the outside.

COLOUR The yellow and blue colourway stands out like a dog’s balls and the pattern looks awesome.
SHAPE The contours of the shell look alien but at least it doesn’t look like you’re wearing an eggshell.
COMFORT As I stated earlier, comfort is a hard one to judge because the Nolan might not fit you but it was fine for me and seemed to grip the back of my head really well.
WEIGHT The Nolan N53 comes in at 1.2kg so it feels like you’re wearing undies on your head.
SAFETY The N53 passed all the Euro and Aussie safety standards before the import laws were relaxed so you can rest easy knowing it’s a safe lid.
PRICE At $299.95 it’s at the cheaper end of the scale.

SWEAT WICKING I sweat pretty hard and the material in the Nolan doesn’t seem to soak it up that well. The perspiration drips into my goggles and down my face. But I sweat hard, real hard, just walking to the office kitchen.
PADDING The padding is thinner than other helmets I’ve tested, especially on my forehead, which might be part of the sweat problem.

The Nolan N53 is great value for money. Picking which helmet is safest can be tricky because we don’t have a muti-million dollar helmet testing facility at ADB HQ. But I’ve had a few crashes and I’m still able to form sentences so I guess that’s a good thing! What I can tell you is it looks cool, is quite comfortable, weighs next to nothing and won’t break the bank. Just try not to sweat in it or buy a helmet liner. Mitch Lees