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O’Neal 10 Series Carbon Race Helmet Review | Product Evaluations

Protecting your head is the most important thing when it comes to motorbike gear, unless you leave your brain in your toolbox.

The O’Neal 10 Series Carbon Race helmet has you covered with its light, full-carbon shell. In a Large, it weighs just 1080g.

It has massive airflow through the helmet to keep you cool in the hotter months with oversize vents and carefully calculated EPS channels to get air where it is needed. The helmet includes goggle-strap traction pads as well as a rubber noseguard. It has an adjustable visor and removable mouthpiece. The helmet is fitted with a Coolmax liner for comfort which is removable and washable. The 10 Series helmets are fitted with a high air intake mouth vent with a micro mesh screen, allowing maximum air intake while reducing dirt sandwiches. They come in a range of colours with clear-coated graphics.


TABS The Carbon Race has strong tabs on the base of the helmet that make it easy to pull on and over your head. I have long hair and it is always a bit of a task trying to get a helmet over it but this feature makes it pretty simple.
CHINSTRAP The chinstrap is easy to adjust and the padding is very soft and comfortable.
COOLMAX After riding for a few hours, I didn’t feel overly sweaty in the helmet, as it had pretty good airflow. I was also able to hear well with the helmet on.
GOGGLES The goggles fit over the helmet perfectly and did not move around.
WEIGHT That carbon shell is a big bonus as the helmet didn’t feel heavy.


EYEPORT The goggle opening seems quite small so choose your goggles carefully. If you don’t, the goggles can sit in the wrong position and can push down on your nose and restrict breathing through the nostrils. This is pretty easily fixed by checking the fit of your goggles when you buy the helmet.
PRICE You can’t put a price on safety, but the 10 Series helmet is not cheap at $399.95. There are cheaper options but they use cheaper material and the padding is not as comfortable.


If there is one thing that sucks your wallet dry when riding, it’s safety gear. Particularly the safety of your head. Everything was thought of when 50-year-old O’Neal was designing this helmet. The comfort, safety and lightness of carbon makes this a fierce competitor in the market. Not to mention it has an unreal design and graphics. This is a great helmet with numerous appealing features. Bec Wilson

BILL: $399.95
BLOWER: (02) 8882 1900