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Now this is a cool story, the bloke behind Crystal Moto Wash, Fabio, is actually a paint manufacturer from Brisbane. This is our Crystal Moto Wash test.

He’s also a massive dirtbike fanatic, riding his Beta every weekend. He was sick of paying for moto-wash that was a little harsh on the bike and grass so he decided to make his own. What he ended up with was Crystal Moto Wash. We love Aussie products so we thought we’d do our own Crystal Moto Wash test.

Fabio makes the formula in his warehouse in Brisbane, right here in Australia! With over 35 years of experience making paints, Fabio knows his way around the mixing bowl and the right solution to use.  The dirt bike formula is designed to remove mud and dirt deposits and stains without damaging any of your bike’s surfaces. That includes rubber hoses and graphics.

It can be used on the chains to break down built up chain lubricant and dirt. Fabio even backs it against muds that leave a nasty stain. He recommends you just leave the wash on longer so it has time to eat the dirt. I’ve tried this several times and have had no issues with it corroding the bike.

You’re meant to mix one part Crystal Moto Wash to three parts water but it’s quite thick so I’ve thinned it out a little more than that and have had no issues removing stubborn stains.

Fabio claims the wash is biodegradable, easy on grass and does not sting your hands. I can vouch for the hands part, mine are fine but I’ll check back in in a few months to see if it’s killed my grass or the bike.

Mitch Lees






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