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ADB Tech Ed Mat Boyd bolts an Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust to his Yamaha YZ450F long term test bike. Here's what he thinks so far.

The Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust system is the Rolls Royce of exhaust systems. It is made from full titanium and weighs 0.9kg less than the stock exhaust while still being tough and durable. It is made in conjunction and used by the Factory Yamaha MXGP team. It complies with the MA and FIM noise restrictions in both Motocross and Off-road. It is claimed to increase throttle response right through the rev range with instant roll on power and is claimed to improve the power by 1.8Kw and the torque by 1.5Nm.

The Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust system is a piece of art that is worthy of hanging on a wall, it is almost too good to bolt up to our long term Yamaha YZ450F. But never the less we did and right away couldn’t believe how difficult it was to remove the stock exhaust system. To remove the stock header pipe you need to cross your fingers and toes while praying to the dirt bike gods and even then you’ll probably still spend several minutes messing around trying to get the stock header pipe around the cylinder.

Thankfully the Akrapovic exhaust is designed better and is much easier to fit and remove. The exhaust all fits up well and right away gives the bike a stronger note.

It does however make the power more aggressive so this is something we will spend the next few months playing around with to get a map we like for this exhaust system. If you are happy with the power becoming more aggressive then there is no harm leaving the exhaust to run with the standard map. You’ll just have to get used to the aggressiveness.

Supplier: Yamaha Motor Australia

RRP: $2,399.95