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LONG TERM TEST | YAMAHA YZ450F #2 | Bike Reviews

Was ADB Tech Ed Mat Boyd ready for the Coffs Harbour Stadium X? It seems the 2024 Yamaha YZ450F Long Term Test Bike was.

This past month has been spent practicing on the Yamaha YZ450F Long Term Test Bike. I have entered to race the Coffs Harbour Stadium Cross so I need as much time on the bike as I can get before the race. It’s only been about fifteen years since I have competed in a stadium cross race so hopefully it all comes back to me quickly.

Growing up in NSW we had a Stadium Cross series every year that thrived and ran across several rounds. It was a great place for juniors starting out and gaining experience before getting into Supercross when they turned twelve years old. These days Stadium events are hard to come by so it’s great to see the club in Coffs Harbour bringing them back.

This year the club is running the event at the race club and is calling it a SMX super track so I’m not entirely sure what that all means. If I had to guess I would say they will be transforming the motocross track and the speedway track into some form of hybrid SMX track. Anyway, time will tell.

The Yamaha YZ450F Long Term Test Bike got a service this month. I dropped the oil and changed out the oil filter. It’s actually a pretty simple job on the YZ with good access to the engine all around. The oil came out reasonably clean as did the oil filter. I will be doing an oil and filter change on the YZ every five hours to keep the engine internals in good shape.

This month I also prettied up the Yamaha YZ450F Long Term Test Bike with a full ADB/Yamaha labelled custom sticker kit from Kustom MX. These guys have done my sticker kits for a while now and they just make the process so simple right from the start. They always nail the brief and the sticker kits are extremely high quality.

Also to match the sticker kit, Mario at Topline Upholstery gave us a custom gripper seat. Topline seat covers are always made of the highest quality material and Mario fits elastic around the edges of the seat cover that makes fitting very easy.

I also threw on a GYTR/Yoshimura complete exhaust system. Removing the stock exhaust system is a little tricky so make sure you check out our how to guide on doing that. The thing I like about the GYTR/Yoshimura exhaust is it isn’t very loud and it does not alter the power to be overly aggressive. I am still playing around with mapping with this pipe and have a little more testing to do but once I have that all figured out I will get back to you guys on the map I am running with this pipe.

Next month we have a GYTR hydraulic clutch to bolt on the Yamaha YZ450F Long Term Test Bike and we have a complete set of States MX wheels and Pirelli tyres to fit up.

Mat Boyd

2024 YAMAHA YZ450F


$15,149.00 INC GST


Three months, parts only


Yamaha Australia




MODS THIS MONTH: GYTR Yoshimura Exhaust System, Kustom MX sticker kit, Topline Upholstery seat cover

MODS NEXT MONTH: GYTR Hydraulic Clutch, States MX wheels

Hours: 12