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ADB Tester Stephen Tuff picked up a set of Alpinestars Techstar Ocuri Gear so we thought we'd hit him up to see what he thinks of it.

Alpinestars is an easy brand to like. Perhaps the most prestigious brand in motorsport, Alpinestars made their mark in motorcycling with high-quality boots and now produce helmets, braces, protective gear, jackets, gloves and off-road pants and jerseys plus a great range of casual clothing. I have this set of Alpinestars Techstar Ocuri riding gear and I love it and that’s not just for its great looks.


VENTING The venting in the pants and jersey is excellent. The venting that runs down the front side of the hips is noticeable the first time you wear these pants because it is so effective. It forces air-flow down your legs which is a huge bonus when you consider your feet and legs are fully covered by boots, long socks and knee-braces. The venting is a strategic and highly-functional feature.

Similarly, the jersey has strategic venting in the front of the shoulders on each side of the chest. Keeping cool is a priority when riding hard or in high-temperature conditions.

FIT I love the fit of the pants which are constructed to hug your body whilst in the riding position. There’s ample room to accommodate knee braces and I love the stretch panels at the side of the waist to allow for expanding waistlines. It give you a perfect fit.

I also like the fit of the Radar gloves. They actually do fit like a glove and their single-layer design gives you great feel on grips and controls and the rubber lettering on the first two fingers gives excellent grip on levers. The stretch material of the top layer lets you get a snug but comfortable fit every time and the velco tab keeps them secure.


While the stylish design and color combination of this gear helps me took like Jett Lawrence, it doesn’t do anything to assist me riding anything like him.


I love this gear. Obviously staying cool while riding is a priority for me and the venting in this Techstar gear is top-shelf. The cut of the pants and the silicone strip at the back of the waist along with the extended tail of the jersey ensures I stay tucked in. The knee panels are tough and show minimal signs of wear after six months. This is particularly impressive in such a high-wear area of the pants.

The buckle of the pants is worth mentioning too. It’s a simple magnetic clip that never comes un-done unless you pull on the small toggle cord that releases it. You set the waist tension via a simple Velcro strap. It’s a simple set and forget scenario. I like it. This gear is designed to fit and function at the highest level. It looks great and washes well.




Ocuri Jersey $79.99

Ocuri Pants $239.99

Radar Gloves $44.99



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