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The hype surrounding the Alpinestars SM10 was huge. I’ve clocked about 20 hours in the M10 and am convinced it’s a good thing.

I was in desperate need of a new helmet after years wearing and crashing my trusty old Bell but I wasn’t expecting one of the most anticipated helmets of 2018 to land on my desk. The hype surrounding the Alpinestars SM10 was huge, especially given we’re talking about a helmet, so when I got my mitts on the M10 Meta version I was keen to see if it lived up to expectations. I’ve clocked about 20 hours in the M10 and am convinced it’s a good thing.


COOL RIDING Alpinestars hasn’t lined the inside with excess padding so the helmet breathes well. There’s plenty of airflow around the checkpads and liner to keep your noggin cool and the pads are covered in a microfibre material that doesn’t irritate the skin.

SAFETY FIRST You buy a helmet for one reason; to keep your head and everything inside it safe. The SM10 is designed to be one of the most protective helmets on the market and comes jammed with safety features. The base of the helmet is raised to give more clearance over the collarbones. It has MIPS to reduce the impact of rotational forces on the brain, and the absorption layer is four-density EPS. An Emergency Release System allows for the quick removal of the cheekpads while the helmet is still on the rider’s head and it’s designed to accommodate a helmet ‘Eject’ inflation system. Luckily for me I haven’t needed to test these features yet.

FEATHERWEIGHT If you’re coming from an older helmet design the SM10 feels like a leap forward in helmet tech just by its weight. Compared to helmets I used to wear 5-10 years ago it feels like there’s considerably less mass swinging off my skinny neck, but way more features! Less weight swinging off your neck makes riding just that little bit more enjoyable because it reduces fatigue!

FIXED PEAK The peak is not adjustable but it is removable and will pop off in a heavy crash. It means you don’t have to worry about the peak drooping to an embarrassing angle while riding, especially if you have Geoff Braico types around who are very critical of visor position.


PRESS STUD Call me a princess but I prefer having a magnet on the end of the chin strap to secure the loose end to the D-ring. The press stud on the SM10 works great but it isn’t as quick.

PADDING Alpinestars hasn’t been overly generous with the amount of padding in the SM10 compared to my old Bell and the first time I put it on I didn’t find it comfortable. I quickly became used to the padding and, as a plus, it does allow more airflow in the helmet.

Eight hundred and fifty dollars is a substantial investment but for a helmet like the SM10 it’s justified. It’s got the safety features to give you peace of mind and it’s a comfortable lid to wear. It doesn’t feel suffocating when riding in the heat thanks to generous airflow. For example, I leave it on most of the time while I’m taking photos. If your household bookkeeper is questioning the investment just play the safety card and I’m sure the purchase will be approved. Digital Editor Olly Malone

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