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ADB's Tech Ed, Mat Boyd, has picked up a GYTR Hydraulic Clutch for his 2024 Yamaha YZ450F. Here's his initial thoughts.

The GYTR Hydraulic Clutch kit replaces the original cable operated clutch with a hydraulic system. It is a simple bolt on system that uses a Brembo master cylinder and a hard anodized billet slave cylinder that bolts directly into the engine cases without any need of modifications. The line that comes with the kit is a heavy duty braided line that fits up nice and tidy. The big benefit to the hydraulic clutch is that it self-adjusts to clutch heat and wear and there is no need for any manual adjustments like with a cable clutch.

Fitting the system was straight forward and simple. You just simply remove the old parts and bolt on the new ones. The most difficult part is this system comes disassembled so you need to fit the hydraulic line and bleed the clutch system of all air with new fluid.

The crazy part to this hydraulic system is it fits up like it is supposed to be there from standard. There is a section of the cable operated clutch that unbolts away from the engine to leave a recess for the slave cylinder to bolt into just like it is was manufactured this way to begin with. This is not a cheap system that uses a slave cylinder to operate the cable clutch actuator, instead it is a proper slave cylinder that pushes directly against the clutch push rod to give you the best direct feel of the clutch.



Yamaha Motor Australia


RRP: $574.95