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RACECRAFT HOT ROD GOGGLE | Product Evaluations

PEOPLE TALK ABOUT our generation being spoilt for choice. Depending on where you call home there’s a good chance that the local shopping strip will offer food from dozens of different countries.

We have bikes from all corners of the globe, a capacity to suit every rider and, depending on your orientation, we now have the choice of being a Jack or
a Jill!

These are crazy times, and crazy times call for crazy goggles. The 100% Racecraft range has 22 different colourways that I could count so if they don’t have your style, pick another sport. I went with the Hot Rod model which is subtle but still flash enough to grab your attention.

All Racecraft goggles have the same qualities, like the adjustable outriggers, removable noseguard, triple-layer foam, anti-fog coated polycarbonate lense with a nine-pin retention system and a wide strap with that strip of silicone on the inside to stop it dropping down and making you look like a goon.

The air intakes have done their job so far and despite not having the proven dual-lense system to prevent fogging, I have not had any major issues with steamed-up lenses. They’re comfortable on my face, with a large eye port for better peripheral vision. I’m nervous about the iridescent lense getting scratched so stay tuned to see if it is as tough as the more expensive pre-curved, perspex lenses we see nowadays. Mitch Lees

BILL $109.95
BLOWER (07) 3362 6600