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Rack N Roll Dirt Bike Carrier REVIEW | Product Evaluations

We’ve been using the Queensland-made Rack N Roll Dirt Bike Carrier for a few months with good results. It mounts straight onto a standard Haymen Reese-style square towbar receiver.

Rack N Roll Dirt Bike Carrier PROS

TIE-DOWN SYSTEM We were scratching our heads when we saw the shackles, turnbuckles and wheel chocks – because we’d never seen this system before. We assembled the bike carrier and loaded up the bike and couldn’t believe how solidly it secured the bike. The turnbuckles pull down the footpegs and the chock keeps the front wheel locked in place. The only movement you get is from the suspension compressing and slight wobble from the hitch mount.

FIT AND FINISH Rack N Roll is a small company but it finishes its products to a standard Apple would be proud of. The orange powdercoat looks awesome and all the fasteners and fittings are galvanised. BlueScope Galvabond is used for the bike channel and loading ramp and that’s mounted to a 50 x 50 x 5mm square main support bar that slides into the hitch.

LIGHTS AND NUMBERPLATE MOUNTS The LED light kit is a $88 optional extra but a worthwhile investment. With the bike mounted across the back of your car the standard taillights are slightly obscured which is not a good idea on the freeway. The main channel has mounting holes for the lighting kit, which plugs into a standard trailer light plug. Plus, there is a spot to mount a numberplate to keep the rozzers off your case.

HITCH ANTI-ROCK BRACKET The main support bar of the Rack N Roll isn’t a tight fit in a standard hitch receiver so an anti-rock bracket is supplied with the carrier. This limits sideways movement very effectively and stops the bike carrier rocking.

Rack N Roll Dirt Bike Carrier CONS

RAMP STORAGE Where you store the loading ramp in transit is between the bike and your vehicle. It can be awkward to get in place and it moves around a little even when you tighten the securing bolt.

FITTING TO CAR The Rack N Roll is pretty heavy and attaching it to your vehicle takes some finesse. If you’re doing it solo it can be difficult to lift it while lining up the square bar to go into the hitch receiver – it’s a piece of piss with two people. Remember, bend ze knees.


While we were assembling the Rack N Roll dirt bike carrier I wasn’t too sure how well it would work but, after the first trial run, I was sold. The system works very well to secure the bike and eliminate movement. It’s more compact than units that rely on traditional tie-down straps and require widely spread tiedown points. Once you figure it out and dial in the turnbuckles for your particular bike, loading your machine is a two-minute job.

Digital Editor Olly Malone

Get the Rack N Roll Dirt Bike Carrier HERE

BILL: $450
BLOWER: 0402 669 686