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Rekluse Core EXP Auto Clutch Product Eval | Back End | Product Evaluations

How many times have you tackled a gnarly hill, only to stall halfway to the top? Well the Rekluse Core EXP Auto Clutch can prevent that. But is it really worth it?



It’s been a long time since I rode a bike with an auto clutch… actually it was a Kawasaki MT75 mini bike back in my days of competing at the Illawarra Mini Bike Club in the Kingsgrove brick pits in Sydney. So when I heard of the many benefits of the Rekluse auto clutches I was initially very doubtful of the actual on-track advantages. But riding my Yamaha YZ450F with the Rekluse Core EXP fitted changed my opinion straight away. You can actually treat the clutch normally or you can ignore the lever and it works amazingly well as a complete automatic. At first, after riding for 45 years with a normal clutch lever, then letting the Rekluse do the work was very different. Wow, how long has this been available?






I consider myself as having very good clutch control but the Rekluse allows you to have the best of both worlds – use the lever or let the Rekluse handle the tough stuff. This is very important when fatigue sets in but you still need precise clutch control. Once we had it adjusted correctly, the Core EXP delivered constant power without slip, providing great performance and traction control.


The Core EXP has a slightly heavier rotating mass, which helps hook the bike up on slippery surfaces.


If you fall in a motocross or supercross event you don’t have to worry about stalling. Just pick it up and go.


We conducted several race-start simulations where we timed from the line to half way down the straight at the Mike Hatcher Junior Motorcycle Club dirt track on the Gold Coast. We found very little difference between using the clutch lever in the conventional way and starting with no initial throttle, just rolling it on and letting the Rekluse do the work.


The Core EXP is fully adjustable, with a selection of springs allowing the rider to tune exactly what he needs in clutch feel. If you need the clutch to react quicker or slower, then it’s simple as adjusting the springs in the EXPplate under the clutch cover.



The real battle is to alter your personal mindset so that you don’t hit the clutch lever all the time. You need to remember that many of the world’s top off road racers use and recommend this Rekluse product, like Mike Brown (US Factory Husqvarna), CharlieMullins and the factory USA FMF/KTM Off Road team, Stefan Merriman, Geoff Ballard, Glenn Kearney, Ben Grabham, Paul Whibley and Emelie Karlsson.

Special thanks to dirt tracker Ian Hamilton and the Hatcher and Central Coast junior motorcycle clubs for their help with this report.