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REVIEW: AXO DRONE MX BOOTS | Product Evaluations

The time has come to get my feet into a fresh set of boots and, by happy coincidence, a new pair of AXO Drone boots has just arrived on ADB’s doorstep.

Size 10.5? Perfect, just what I needed.

A big part of my riding these days is trail, so I like to ride in a boot that gives me good feeling with the gearlever and brake pedal. I do like to have good protection for my feet and ankles but can’t stand feeling restricted or uncomfortable when I spend a long day on the motorcycle.

Then I read the features list: “Constructed from high-quality materials chosen for their weight, strength and value. Optimized plastics are thicker where support and reinforcement are needed and tapered in non-critical areas. A one-buckle-height shinplate wraps across the shin and instep to guard the front of the foot. Instep panels are long enough to fit a wide range of calf and leg sizes. Four moulded buckles float on their bases, allowing unrestricted alignment. Steel shank that adds comfort
and support.”

Reading all these features and looking at the boots I would have expected a price tag quite a bit higher than the $189.95 that is attached to these boots. I have tried them on and adjusted the buckle straps to length, they feel reasonably stiff, as new boots generally do, but otherwise fit really good. I will wear them around the shed for a few hours to break them in. After that I will hit some trails to see if they are as good value as they look and how they stand up to my abuse. Ben Grabham

BILL: $189.95
BLOWER: 1300 437 711