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REVIEW: KRIEGA HYDRO 2 RACE PACK | Product Evaluations

Kriega first lobbed up in Australia in 2007 thanks to a small family-run outfit in Victoria.

But it was started seven years earlier by two motorcycle enthusiasts who were sick of poorly made hydration packs that could not withstand off-road riding. So, they went about designing a sturdy system for all conditions and have been at it ever since.

The Hydro 2 is a lightweight race pack that is designed for very short stints in the saddle, like something you’d find in a sprint round of the AORC, or for racers who don’t need to carry anything except water, because it does not have any external pockets. It is not designed for trailriding and, as a result, is not great for all-day rides or carrying your wallet and phone.

It is made from a tough Cordura and uses the traditional gut and chest buckle system with a detachable bottom strap. With armour and a neckbrace on I had to stretch the chest strap out as far as it would go to clip in so a larger lad with a barrel chest and armour may struggle to fit it over their pecs.

The bladder holds 1.5 litres and uses the ziplock-style opening which is the most bulletproof style I have come across. The bite valve is solid and isn’t showing any signs of deteriorating. Disconnecting the drinking tube is easy with a plug-n-play system.

The pack is comfortable on my back, incredibly small and compact and I can move my arms and shoulders without interference. As a trailrider it will get limited use, seeing there is no way of carrying anything except water, but for racers who only need 1.5L it is great. Editor Mitch Lees

BILL $179
BLOWER 0409 959 737