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REVIEW: LS2 MX470 SUBVERTER HELMET | Product Evaluations

I'll admit I didn't know a lot about LS2 helmets when I was handed this one. I’d heard of them but had never worn one or really even checked them out.

My first thoughts when I pulled it out of the box was “wow, it’s bright”.

The colours really stand out. I certainly won’t have any problems getting lost on the start gate, that’s for sure. The next thing I noticed was the quality. You can really tell the quality of a helmet by feeling it with your hands.

Before I put it on, I jumped on the internet and a quick Google search brought up all the MX470’s specs. It is made with a light KPA shell and offers a security sliding structure with a double injection of EPS, to guarantee exceptional protection on impacts.

The laser-cut foam liner is hypo-allergenic and breathable as well as being removable and washable. The helmet features a double D-ring buckle, emergency release system, reinforced chin strap, metal security plate and multi-density EPS liner. The helmet also features Dynamic Flow-­through Ventilation, fully adjustable intake ports and venting in the liner.

I’m keen to put some hours in this helmet and report back on how it shapes up. I’m not planning on landing on my head to test how well it absorbs an impact but I guess anything is possible. Stay tuned and I’ll give you all the run down on how well it holds up. Mat Boyd

BILL $299
BLOWER (03) 8720 6000