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REVIEW: POD K8 KNEEBRACE V2 | Back End | Product Evaluations

I've been protected by POD kneebraces for seven years and I think they’ve saved me from at least half a dozen serious knee injuries and numerous minor ones.

They’re not cheap but unless you have a knee surgeon in the family I’d argue that decent kneebraces are as essential as body armour.

The latest ones from POD are still called K8s but have been updated. Medically certified, these K8s are also CE impact tested and have a five-year warranty (see their terms and conditions for what’s covered).

POD hangs its hat on the patented hinge system, meaning no one can copy it. They use shock-absorbing synthetic ligaments in the hinges.

Instead of the old patella cup, the K8s now use a clever patella guard that slides in and out of itself without exposing your knee when bent or straight.

The frame is similar to the last model and is made of low-profile forged carbon which is exclusive to POD. The patella guard, ligaments, hinge system and padding are the standout features of the new brace. Stay tuned for a Used and Abused. Mitch Lees

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BILL $1139.95 (pair)
Blower (03) 5244 4111