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REVIEW: POD K8 Kneebraces | Product Evaluations

When I first started wearing POD kneebraces back in 2010 they took a ride or two to get used to but, since then, I’ve never ridden without them.

I’ve had two arthroscopies on my left knee and a full reconstruction on my right, so it’s fair to say I need all the help I can get. When I first started wearing POD kneebraces back in 2010 they took a ride or two to get used to but, since then, I’ve never ridden without them.

In fact, if I ride without them now I feel naked, unsupported and at huge risk of doing more damage. Braces like this will help protect your knees in the event of an accident.

I’d like to say everyone should have a set but I’ve been warned by a reader that calling people silly for not wearing them is unfair because they are expensive. But, then again, so is a knee reconstruction. Trust me, I know!

When I slipped into the latest offering from POD, the K8 V2, I noticed they had addressed many of the issues some of us were struggling with. This latest version is a significant improvement over the old K8s and here’s why:


PATELLA PROTECTION: POD introduced a new patella protection system for the V2 and it allows the kneecap to be protected at all times by using two pieces of plastic that slide in and out of each other as you bend your knee. I haven’t had anything get through!
COMFORT: This is the top-of-the-range brace and that means it comes loaded with carbon-fibre. The frame is contoured to suit the average knee so it fits comfortably and the carbon-fibre means it’s stronger than the plastic ’braces out there.
HINGE SYSTEM: Pod hangs its hat on the tough hinge system. An internal ligament, strong enough to hold a KTM1190 (they have one hanging from a ligament in their showroom in Vicco), is what is stopping your knee from going sideways or hyper-extending. After nine months of use, they feel just as tight and strong as the day I
got them.
STRAP ON: The straps on the old PODS would often unravel and split at the ends. Fortunately, a clever clip-on system means they are now quicker to put on and the straps also don’t split anymore.


PRICE: Picking something I didn’t like about these braces is difficult but I’m a down-to-earth person and I’m aware $1100 plus is a lot to spend on braces.
MOVEMENT: The ligaments are so tight that sometimes it can be hard to kneel down. Better than being loose I guess!

I love these braces and I could not ride without them. They’re comfortable, fit well and, best of all, provide excellent protection including over the kneecaps. The ligaments feel tight and indestructible while the new strap system makes them easier to put on and less likely to come undone in your pants. If you can afford them and you’re prone to a little foot dab, I’d add them to the wishlist. Editor Mitch Lees

BILL $1139.95 (pair)
BLOWER (03) 5244 4111