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REVIEW: Pro Power Gas Gas Protection | Product Evaluations

If there was one thing I could change about two-strokes it would be the expansion chamber. That big soft pipe may as well be made of egg shells.

Even a tiny crash can crush the pipe.

To make sure this didn’t happen I bolted on a Pro Power International carbon-fibre pipeguard to my Gas Gas EC300 long termer. I’ve used one in the past on the Beta Xtrainer and despite my best efforts that pipe stayed dent-free.

The EC300 pipeguard fits like a glove and two hoseclamps secure it in place. It’s a snug fit, meaning not much mud gets underneath but like all pipe guards it will collect some mud so you need to take it off every few rides to wash it out.

My track record with radiators isn’t great, sorry Beta RR430, so Pro Power also supplied me with a pair of billet aluminium radiator guards. In the past I’ve never bothered with radiator guards but since I crashed the Beta RR430 and crushed the radiator I take no chances. They are a simple design and easy to fit. They replace the stock louvres and all the strength comes from the single piece of aluminium, there’s no rear bracing, so fitting them took 10 minutes.

The radiator guards are strong enough to withstand anything I can throw at them and I haven’t had any issues with overheating. Digital Editor Olly Malone

Radiator Guards: $269
Pipe Guard: $249.95