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After one year with the Sherco Hard Enduro Lift Straps fitted to our Sherco 300 SE Factory, we check back in to let you know how they're going.

If you’re planning on getting your Sherco stuck then you need a set of Sherco Hard Enduro Lift straps. I’ve been running these straps for nearly six months and they’re probably the most handy piece of kit I’ve ever used. I always turned my nose up at lift straps, thinking they looked funny and they’re for beginners who can’t ride. But after swinging off them (literally) for six months, I’m fully converted.

We liked

TOUGH I’ve had these Sherco Hard Enduro Lift Straps slide down hills and get covered in mud and they refuse to tear or fray. I’ve even attached a tow rope to the rear one and it didn’t break. The material is tough and the eyelets where you connect them to the bike are tough.

LOOK These specific Sherco branded straps look the part and are unrecognisable on the Sherco 300 SE Factory. They’re colour-co-ordinated so they don’t look cheap or tacky.

EASY TO USE The grab handle is about five centimetres off the seat when pulled up so getting your hand under it is easy. It pulls from the seat mounting bolts and not the rear plastic so it’s super strong too.

COMFORTABLE The strap is about three centimetres wide so it doesn’t cut into your hand when you lift it. Any narrower and it might cut in a little too much. The material is surprisingly soft.

We didn’t like

FITMENT Fitting the rear strap was a breeze but the front strap, which fits to the fork legs below the bottom triple clamp is a little harder. You have to pull the fork legs all the way out of the triple clamps to get the strap on. It’s a bit of a pain in the arse but it’s not a major hassle.


Many people will try and make their own grab handle but I think you would struggle to replicate the toughness of these Sherco Hard Enduro Lift Straps. Everything from the stitching, which is all still perfect, to the material, has not worn at all. Don’t forget, you’re lifting a strap that’s connected to a 115kg motorcycle that’s probably even heavier if caked in mud. It has to be super-strong. It doesn’t cut into your hand and the best part is your gloves remain relatively clean which means less chance of getting blisters!

Mitch Lees



$60.90 each