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Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS | Product Evaluations

The Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS is a top-of-line boot that boasts a pretty clever sole replacement system, hence the acronym.

This means you don’t have to be a boot maker to replace the sole. Undo the screws securing the sole, pop it off, fit the new one and retighten the screws. All up it takes about 10 minutes.

Good boots are important, your feet and lower legs cop a lot of abuse bashing through the bush and your future self will thank you for forking out a little extra dough. The Crossfire is a tough boot with a hard outer shell but movement isn’t restricted thanks to Sidi’s well tested and much loved Dual Flex hinge system. Anyone who’s worn a pair of Crossfires will know how comfortable they are to walk in. Despite the hard, injection-moulded plastic upper, movement is unrestricted. The hard plastic toe area does reduce feel on the gearlever and brake pedal but this comes with the territory if you want a tough boot that’s going to absorb impacts and reduce damage to your delicate nail polish. Boot buckles can be a point of frustration, especially after a few muddy rides, but the system Sidi uses on the Crossfire 2 doesn’t give you any grief, so you can forget about the rubber mallet you use to clip up other boots.

Having chicken legs, some boots won’t buckle up tight on my calves but I’ve found the Crossfire 2 could do it. The plastic shin protector is adjustable to fit different calf sizes and the leather inner upper wraps tight around the calf and is secured with Velcro. This keeps water from entering the boot from the top.

Digital Editor Olly Malone

THE BILL $749.95
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Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS