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Sony 4K Ultra HD Action Cam | Back End | Product Evaluations

THE ACTION CAMERA market is a tough one to crack but Sony has had a red-hot go with its 4K Action Cam.

Aesthetically it looks similar to Sony’s previous action cameras. It turns out this is a tribute to Sony’s original “Handy-Cam”, a product most of you would be familiar with.

Technology-wise, the 4K Action Cam has a few “industry first” features. Balanced Optical SteadyShot is unique to the 4K. Unlike digital image stabilisation that can warp and distort an image, the Steadyshot system floats inside the action cam, which cuts down the effects of camera shake. We’ve already run the camera with Steadyshot on and the video is produces is incredibly stable.

The 4K image produced is what you would expect, sharp, clear and detailed. You can see the individual chunks of roost fly at the lense but you really get the full benefit of 4K when you blow up the video on a large screen.

User interface on the 4K Action Cam is intuitive and easy to understand, even first-time users will have no trouble switching between modes and adjusting camera settings. There are a few options for controlling the camera.

You can pair it with your smart phone through a free app using the built in Wi-Fi or you can use the live-view remote. Both allow you to live-view what the camera is seeing but the big advantage of the remote is that it can be worn on your wrist.

For any type of action-sport you should use the Action Camera with the water-proof case. The lense is very exposed without it and if your mates were to soak you through a puddle it could end badly for the camera. We’ve been using the camera with the case on, had no problems with fogging and it’s stayed completely dry.
Digital Editor Olly Malone

BILL $649; $899 with live-view remote
BLOWER 1300 137 669

Sony Action Cam