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ADV TEST: SWM 650 Superdual | Back End | Bike Reviews | Features

ADB Intern Clubby recently spent some time aboard the SWM 650 Superdual when he rode it from Melbourne to Sydney. You can read his review in ADB issue #457 - on sale now.

Over the course of the ride, Clubby got to know the $9990 650cc adventure machine very well and this is his recommendation for the first five modifications he’d do, plus he tackles the issue of wheel size.

Words: Clubby

Every bike benefits from setting up to suit the owner. If this SWM Superdual was to be parked in our garage on a permanent basis, the first things we would do include:
1). Invest in the 21/18 inch wheel set for improved off-road performance and tyre choice (flogging off the standard 19/17-inch wheels would get some dosh back or you could keep there for commuting), then dial-in the suspension.
2). Fit alloy-backbone Barkbusters and pester Screens for Bikes to produce a screen that’s taller and more upright than the stock item for better wind protection.
3). Sort out the fuelling that saw our test bike running on just above idle.
4). Modify the footpegs to sit lower and further back to give a little more leg room and toe room under the shifter.
5). Remove the pillion pegs and mounts, and then get the strongest high-tensile bolts possible for the lower rear sub-frame mounts. The standard set-up looks like it could be a weak point, especially if you fit the accessory Givi panniers.

For many Aussie ADV riders, the 19/17 inch wheels on the Superdual will be a deal breaker, especially if they have intentions of racking up serious dirt miles. A 21-inch front hoop inspires more confidence in all off-road conditions and certainly on a 600cc single. While the next generation Superdual due into Australia by the end of the year will come fitted with 21/18 wheels, a 21/18 wheel kit will be available for this model from September. The 21 and 18-inch wheels will come fitted with tyres and brake rotors and the set is priced at $1299.

SWM 650 Superdual