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After six months using the Rackum Racing Fork Locker on our Yamaha YZ450F long term test bike, here's how it's tracking.

The Rackum Racing Fork Locker allows you to set your holeshot device all by yourself without needing assistance from anyone else. It is made from lightweight CNC machined 7075 aluminum and is hard anodized for extra durability.

The purpose of a holeshot device is to lock down the front forks so the front end of the bike sits lower. This helps keep the front wheel down off the start and prevents wheel standing. The problem with wheel standing off the start line is you either have to back off or dab the clutch to keep the front wheel down so you don’t flip the motorcycle thus preventing you from getting all your power to the ground and getting a good drive to the first corner.


FITMENT- The Rackum holeshot device is relatively easy to fit. The bracket is hinged so there is no need to remove the fork leg to fit the holeshot bracket around the fork leg. The locking device also comes with a sturdy aluminium template to help you cut out and drill the holes in the fork leg which if done with care is a simple job.

EASY TO USE- Locking the device is simple, you activate the device by pulling up on the lever. Then you grab the front brake and push the forks down until the device locks in place. The device will release as you brake into the first corner and you will be back to having full front suspension travel again.

STURDY- The Rackum holeshot device comes in a fancy padded box but as soon as you open the box you can see how solid and robust the unit is. It’s not made of any plastic but solid aluminium which at first I thought looked bulky and heavy but once fitted up to the bike I realized it was strong. This one has been roosted with rocks and dirt and apart from some rub marks on the fork bracket shows little signs of any damage or wear.


MAINTENANCE – This one is a given as you need to maintain any holeshot device if you need it to work correctly long term but if you allow dirt or mud to build up in the locking device then it will jam. I found it best on muddy race days to wash it out between races with a pressure washer and then using the oil holes in the sides of the locking device give it a spray with some lube to keep it working correctly.


The Rackum Racing holeshot device comes with a heavy price tag but it is the first self-locking device I have used that isn’t a complete waste of time. In the past I have given up on self-locking devices because they either fail or break and I usually just find myself going back to the old manual style. The Rackum holeshot device is solid and has not let me down nor has it failed so I guess you are paying for the fact that it actually works and doesn’t break.



RRP: $299.00