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ADB's Tech Ed is planning on doing a little more racing in 2024 so he got a Rackum Racing Holeshot Device. Here's how our first review.

The Rackum Racing Fork Locker allows you to set your holeshot device all by yourself without needing assistance from anyone else. It is made from lightweight CNC machined 7075 aluminum and is hard anodized for extra durability. The design of the Rackum Racing Holeshot Device is well thought out and the device has oil holes for lubrication to keep it in good working order. The bracket is hinged so there was no need to remove the fork from the triple clamp of my Kawasaki KX450 to fit it.

The Holeshot Device comes with an aluminium template for cutting out the fork guard to make sure you don’t drill or cut any holes in the incorrect. The mounting screws come with countersunk steel washers to stop the screws from pulling through the plastic fork guard.

Fitting the Rackum Racing Holeshot Device is relatively easy but setting it is even easier. You simply pull up the lever to set the device and then push the forks down and the forks will lock into place. There is absolutely no need for any assistance from anyone else on the start line.

The advantage of locking the forks down on the start line is to prevent the bike from wheel standing off the start line. If you wheel stand off the start line then you will need to get off the throttle to stop looping out the motorcycle. By using the fork locker you can get on the throttle harder without the risk of looping out off the start line.

Supplier: Whites Powersports


RRP: $299.00