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Toby Price’s KTM 500 EXC Desert Bike | Bike Reviews

Toby Price is undeniably one of the greatest dirt bike talents Australia has produced. Not because he’s one a bunch of off-road titles but because he’s also won a bunch of desert titles

Toby Price’s KTM 500 EXC Desert Bike

It’s not uncommon for riders to specialise in one discipline and dominate, but when a rider can so easily switch between three different categories and dominate all three then it’s hard to argue that he’s not a unique talent. Heck, Price even dabbles in supercross, where he’s finished top 10 in the premier class.

Price wrapped up the all the desert majors last year and I was chomping at the bit to see if it was the KTM 500 EXC or him. With this year’s desert season kicking off with the Finke Desert Race on 6-8 June, I gave good mate Ben Grabham a buzz to see if I could twist the throttle of Pricey’s desert bike.

I was expecting a laugh, followed by a resounding no. But in typical Grabbo fashion, he was bang up for it and even made the journey out to Mildura, Vic for me to swap through the sand for a day.

As they wheeled the bike out of the KTM truck it didn’t look all that special (sorry, Pricey). I was half expecting it to be forged in carbon-fibre valley and sporting an engine a Formula 1 mechanic would be envious of. Instead it looked largely like a stock 500 EXC.

I thought Grabbo had stitched me up and bought out a practice bike for me to test. But I was assured this was the real deal! It still had the flogged out rear tyre he finished the season on.

Once I was geared up, I threw a leg over the big 500, hit the button and fired it into life. To find out what I thought of the big beast, grab a copy of ADB #428 when it hits the stores on Easter Monday!

Toby Price's KTM 500 EXC Desert Bike

Toby Price's KTM 500 EXC Desert Bike