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TOPLINE custom seatcover Suzuki RM-Z450 | Product Evaluations

Mario from Topline Upholstery has made a few seatcovers for our long-term test bikes. Every time he makes us a new one he manages to impress us.

His colour matching is always spot on and so are his styles. His attention to detail when making these covers is second to none. It’s the kind of craftsmanship you don’t get to see in mass-produced seatcovers. We got to test one of his latest designs on our Suzuki RM-Z450 long-termer. Here’s what we thought about it:

COLOURS The cover was matched perfectly to the Suzuki. The RM-Z blue is a light shade and Mario managed to find a material to match it exactly. The yellow was also spot on and I had many comments about this at the track.
GRIP The material used is top quality and gives excellent grip. It has a rubbery feel to it instead of being like a hard nylon type of gripper material, meaning you get maximum traction between your butt cheeks and the seat.
DURABLE I have been known to wear out the sides of seatcovers by gripping them with my kneebraces but, to my surprise, I haven’t managed to wear out any Topline covers.
PLEATS The pleats in the top of the seat give a little extra edge for your butt to grip against. They work really well, especially mid-corner or off the starts, when you want to get the power down without sliding back on the seat.
FITTING These seatcovers are by far my favourite to fit out of all the ones I’ve tried. Trust me; I have fitted them all at one point or another. Mario adds an elastic strip around the edge of the cover so that it snaps into place over the seat and all you need to do to finish it off is add a few staples to fix it in place.

TOUGH LOVE To be honest, I’m really struggling to have a whinge here but if I have to come up with at least one point I would say that the Suzuki badge sewn into the side of the cover is rubber rather than printed on.

If you want a quality seatcover then I can’t send you anywhere else than Topline. Mario will make you a seatcover to your exact instructions to match your bike perfectly. Why have a mass-produced cover and look the same as everyone else when you can get a custom-made one? You can have your name, race number, logos or even sponsors names on the seat and Mario can match any colour or style you like. He only uses top-shelf materials and hand makes each seatcover himself. Mario is a friendly guy who will be only too happy to design and make you a cover exactly how you want it. Technical Editor Mat Boyd

BILL Custom Seatcover $110
BLOWER (03) 9770 4017