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Topline seatcover: Product Eval | Back End | Product Evaluations

Topline has been producing high quality seat covers since 1992, continuously developing the product over the years as racing has evolved.

Topline seatcover

Price: $110.00
Contact: (03) 9770 4017

Topline seat covers are constructed using vinyl which features a rubberised diamond pattern to provide extreme grip. In addition, Topline also offers a ‘ribbed’ style seat cover with multiple folded ribs of vinyl which only fold in one direction.

This ribbed construction allows the rider to move forward on the bike, but makes it almost impossible to slide backwards under acceleration. The panels are individually cut and sewn together. To go one step further, Topline offers colour-coordinated ribs to suit your sticker kit.

Each Topline seat cover is tailor-made with an elastic band fitting system to suit each seatbase. This system creates a perfect fit, with no need to cut off excess vinyl. Then to top it off, the Topline logo also glows in the dark.

This seat cover is one of the trickest I have seen. So I am going to fit it to the bike, give it a work out and let you know what I think.