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USED BIKE | 2019-2022 BETA RR 200 | Used Bikes

If you're looking at picking up a trail bike think about the 2019-2022 Beta RR 200. Here's what to look out for when buying one.

The 2019-2022 Beta RR 200 engine is strong. It’s got torque like a big bore two stroke, it’s not just all revs like a 125. It handles just like a 125 on the trail but the power is more like a 250 than a 125. The bike is light and nimble to ride and the suspension works reasonably well for trail riding.

In race conditions the suspension would need to be beefed up but such is the case for just about all production enduro bikes. This 2019-2022 Beta RR 200 belongs in the tight trails. It excels between tight trees and on slippery terrain where a big bore engine would struggle with wheel spin. It would also be a great option for a female enduro rider or a younger rider stepping up to a full sized enduro bike.

The biggest downside to the ZF suspension is the way it wears. The anodizing wears off the inside of the forks and leaves metallic flecks through the oil affecting the dampening. To fix this the outer fork tubes need to be re-anodised.

The most regular problems I see with the 2019-2022 Beta RR 200 are electrical. My advice would be to go over the wiring harness and zip tie it tight as the movement can cause the wires to split, especially around the steering stem. Also cover all the electrical connectors with die-electric grease as these can have problems with getting water in them.

When looking at a second hand 2019-2022 Beta RR 200, ride the bike and make sure all the gears and clutch work correctly and make sure the electric start works without slipping as these items can be expensive to repair. The 200 will need more regular piston changes compared to a bigger bore machine so check that it isn’t due for a rebuild and then go over the chassis and wiring harness for any visible damage.


2019 $11,695

2020 $12,295

2021 $12,695

2022 $12,995

Second Hand

2019 $7,450 – $8,850

2020 $9,150 – $10,900

2021 $9,200 – $10,900

2022 $9,700 – $11,550

Market Equivalents

20 – 22 KTM 150 EXC TBI

$8,400 – $12,350

19 – 22 Husqvarna TE 250i

$8,800 – $13,200

19 – 22 Sherco SE 125

$8,200 – $10,800

19 – 20 Rieju EC 200 Ranger

$7,650 – $9,100