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Vortex X10 ECU and Map Switch Prod Eval | Back End | Product Evaluations

A motocross bike is not exactly ideal for the bush. When our Suzuki RM-Z250 giveaway bike arrived, one of the first things that went on our list of mods was the ECU

Vortex X10 ECU and Map Switch

Vortex is one of the leading and most reputable manufacturers of ECUs, so it was a no-brainer to install an X10.

The aim was to give us more adjustability. The Vortex comes with 10 programmed maps as well as allowing you to ‘trim’ the mixture at high, medium and low throttle.

While the Vortex did help, ADB Editor Mitch Lees felt the engine was still too peaky. With Mitch out of town and our MX Editor Lee Hogan unavailable, we went to Dave Edgecombe at Dynobike in Moorabbin, Victoria to see if he could identify the problem and fix it.

Dave put the bike on the Dynojet dyno and made changes to the ECU after each run. He found that the 5 and 6 positions on the X10 switch gave us a more mellow delivery, but the dyno revealed a sharp dip in the air-fuel ratio at 1500 revs. Despite Dave adjusting the trim switches, this hole could not be eliminated.




– ADJUSTABILITY The Vortex X10 ECU allows you to make adjustments using one of 10 pre-programmed maps. The trim switches also help in adjusting the performance.
– EASE OF USE Making adjustments on the Vortex ECU is very simple. A narrow, flathead screwdriver is used to turn the four dials.
– MAP SWITCH The switch makes ignition map changes easy. Ideally the RM-Z should be able to switch between a motocross and a trail map without touching the ECU.


– LIMITED SETTINGS The main issue we had with the Vortex was that it only had 10 maps.
Essentially, you have to work with what Vortex has given you and, if those maps don’t work for you, it is going to get expensive to load new ones. The programming kit and software are designed for pros and will cost you.
– HARD TO ACCESS This is not an ECU problem, but the difficulty of reaching it in the RM-Z. You can reach it through the frame with a long-handled screwdriver but Dave found it easier to pull it out (the yellow box you can see in front of his leg in the main pic, with a close-up below.)



The Vortex is a great piece of kit but the pre-programmed settings did not suit slow-speed bush riding. Vortex has software that allows you to re-program the unit, creating more flexibility. The downside is that this stuff is not included with the ECU.
DYNO Power topped out at 35hp with the X10 switch on Map 6, but Dave Edgecombe was worried about the sharp dip in the air/fuel ratio (bottom graphs) at 1500 revs.


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