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Exploring the uncharted lands of Papua New Guinea: here's a glimpse of what you get on a Niugini Dirt Tours

On the western edge of the Pacific lies Papua New Guinea, a land of unparalleled beauty and cultural diversity. Amidst its rugged terrain and dense rainforests, adventure beckons those with an explorer’s spirit. Niugini Dirt Tours stands as a gateway to this untouched wilderness, offering a unique opportunity to delve deep into the soul of Papua New Guinea.

Niugini Dirt Tours isn’t your typical guided expedition; it’s an odyssey that takes you off the beaten path and into the heart of the country’s raw, unspoilt landscapes. Founded by passionate adventurers with a profound love for Papua New Guinea, this tour company specializes in showcasing the country’s natural wonders while immersing travellers in its vibrant cultures.

One of the highlights of Niugini Dirt Tours is its commitment to sustainable tourism. Unlike mass-market operators, they prioritize responsible travel practices, ensuring minimal impact on the environment and maximum benefit to local communities. Riders can rest assured that their journey contributes positively to the preservation of Papua New Guinea’s rich biodiversity and traditional ways of life.

The 10-day tours offered by Niugini Dirt Tours are as diverse as the landscapes they traverse. From trekking through mist-shrouded mountains to paddling down remote rivers, each expedition promises an authentic and unforgettable experience. Adventurers can choose from a range of itineraries, catering to different interests and fitness levels.

For those seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures, the Highlands Explorer tour is a must-try. This expedition takes riders deep into the rugged interior of Papua New Guinea, where they can hike through lush rainforests, summit towering peaks, and encounter traditional tribes living as they have for centuries. It’s a journey that challenges both body and mind, rewarding participants with breathtaking vistas and cultural encounters that are truly life-changing.

For a more leisurely but equally enriching experience, the Sepik River Safari offers a glimpse into the ancient traditions of Papua New Guinea’s riverine communities. Traveling by boat along the Sepik River, explorers can witness intricate woodcarvings, vibrant dance ceremonies, and timeless rituals that have been passed down through generations. It’s a voyage back in time, where modernity fades away, and the rhythms of nature and tradition take centre stage.

What sets Niugini Dirt Tours apart is its authenticity and immersion. Unlike sanitized tourist attractions, their itineraries are designed to provide genuine interactions with local communities, allowing riders to gain insight into the rich tapestry of Papua New Guinean culture.

Niugini Dirt Tours offers adventurers a rare opportunity to explore one of the last frontiers of the Pacific in a responsible and meaningful way. Through their expertly crafted expeditions, riders can embark on a journey of discovery, forging connections with both the land and its people that will last a lifetime.


  • Authentic cultural encounters, interact with local tribes!
  • Explore remote and uncharted territories
  • Sustainable tourism practices
  • Customised itineraries
  • Most things included
  • Get immersed in an exotic culture


Lae, Papua New Guinea


10-day tour $5850


P: 00675-71574522




Drinking Water Y

Showers Y

First Aid Y

Coverage Y/N

Guide Y

Accommodation Y

Toilet Y

Shelter Y


Tech Y

Eftpos Y

Food Y

Coaching N

Hire Y