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Yamaha YZ250X Long-Term test bike update #7 | Back End | Bike Reviews

Update #7 for the ADB Magazine Yamaha YZ250X long-term test bike as printed in issue #442, July 2016.

Total hours: 20
Mods this month: All Pro Suspension, GYTR bits, States MX wheels, Barkbusters
Mods next month: Hattah Desert Race prep

It’s been a big month for the two-smoker. She helped me lay out the course for the AORC round in Portland, NSW, and has been loving her time on Instagram making everyone’s ears happy. I have tried to put as much ride time on her as possible and each time I ride it, I enjoy it more.

As you can see, the YZ looks a fair bit different to how it did a month ago. I have been busy tricking her up and I can’t thank enough the people who have been involved. First up, I sent the suspension to Jay Foreman from All Pro Racing and he worked his magic on it.

I found the bike in stock trim a bit soft for my liking and, while it was still great, I was hesitant to hit things with pace as it would bottom out. With the All Pro settings, the bike sits higher in the stroke and has a firmer feel, which is nice.

Jay advised me to run 102mm sag and that has been spot on. I am really happy with it. Next up the good people at Yamaha Australia sent through a bunch of GYTR trick bits, including an FMF silencer, billet clutch cover, radiator guards and a plastic chain guide ready for the Hattah Desert Race. These items are all really well made and the finish is top notch.

I had to fiddle around with the jetting a little to compensate for the new muffler so I richened her up by dropping the needle clip from the third to the fourth position. The GYTR muffler gives the bike extra grunt off the bottom and I like it. Combined with Unifilter Dual Stage elements we have the bike breathing awesome.

Next up, Mark from Link International went to town with States MX anodised parts, a Polisport plastics kit and Polisport Halo headlight. I’m also stoked that I managed to score a set of States MX wheels with black rims and blue hubs.

These units are trick and really set the bike off. I am pretty hard on wheels so I will be giving these puppies a proper test. All the extra bling fitted easily and works in well with the blue Pro-Bolt engine fasteners.

I fitted some trusty Barkbusters in place of the stock YZ-X handshields made by UFO as I have been running Ego backbones with MX foils for years. I prefer to have my hands protected. Fresh Pirelli Mid Softs front and rear with heavy-duty Vee Rubber tubes went on the new wheels.

Last but not least, Brett and Cam Kenny from Holeshot Graphics put together this super-clean kit that I am really happy with. We worked on designing a kit that had a few old-school Yami lines through it while still trying to make it look ‘new age’.

I think it worked out really well and their templates and materials are all perfect. Like I said earlier, a massive thanks to everyone involved and be sure to check out the ADB Instagram or my own Instagram account for more two-stroke goodness. #instabandit #yephastagattheendoflongtermerblurb

Enduro Editor Geoff Braico