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Zac Speed Matrix Tool Pack | Product Evaluations

THE ZAC SPEED toolbag is a compact and versatile bag from the Configr8 series. The word versatile might seem strange to describe a toolbag, but hear me out.

As explained last month, the Configr8 gear is interchangeable and designed to be worn with a bunch of different packs by Zac.

For starters, the toolbag seems to be made of some pretty tough stuff, with a bunch of padding to snuggle into the small of your back. It has an internal roll to hold all your tools and a clear, internal pocket inside the cover to see maps or bits and pieces you need a visual on. The zippers and clips haven’t busted or split despite dust and dirt abuse.

The padded waist belt is removable, which allows the toolbag to be integrated into one of the Sprint, Recon or Dakar Configr8 hydration packs. Simply unclip the waist belt on the hydration pack and clip in the Matrix.
It can only be worn on the front when using a Zac Speed hydration pack, but it can be used as a bumbag if you’re not packing double. It’s not much bigger than a dictionary or hymn book, so you can sing its praises. Mitch Lees

BILL: $59.95
BLOWER: 0402 727 597

Zac Speed Tool