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Bike Reviews
21 May 2020

HERITAGE RIDE: 1998 Yamaha WR250Z

The 1996 WR250 was ADB’s least favourite enduro bike but Yamaha turned things around with this 1998 model and was back in our good books.

Bike Reviews
14 May 2020

2019 300 Two-Stroke Enduro Shootout

Let’s see which one of the current 300cc two-strokes is the best grasstrack bike, sharpest endurocross weapon and nimblest hard enduro mountain goat, as tested by Ben Grabham.

Bike Reviews
13 May 2020

2020 KTM 300EXC TPI Review

For as long as I can remember, the KTM 300EXC has been the go-to model among the two-stroke enduro bikes.

Bike Reviews
08 May 2020

Kawasaki KLX230 Review

Kawasaki’s engineers figured they’d done such a good job with the KLX230R funbike that they’d build an ADR version for the trailriding masses.

Bike Reviews
06 May 2020

2019 Honda CRF450L v 1983 XR350RD

How much change has there been in Honda’s mid-size trailbikes? Clubby puts his 1983 XR350RD up against ADB’s 2019 CRF450L.

Bike Reviews
06 May 2020

Beta RR250 Racing Review

Beta has answered Geoff Braico's prayers and fitted KYB fork to its range of 2020 Racing models. Here is was the rut king of Instagram thinks of the 2020 RR250 Racing

Bike Reviews
16 April 2020

ADB ARCHIVES: 2011 300 Two-Stroke Enduro Shootout

By 2011 the once humble 300cc two-stroke enduro had hit its stride. Sales figures from 2010 revealed the KTM 300EXC was the only model in the Enduro Top-10 to increase sales from the previous year.

Bike Reviews
15 April 2020

ADB ARCHIVES: 2010 Gas Gas EC300 Euro

The 'Euro' was to Gas Gas what the 'Six Days' is to KTM or the 'Factory' is to Sherco - a blinged-up limited edition run of the 2010 Gas Gas EC300.

Bike Reviews
14 April 2020

ADB ARCHIVES: Race Testing the Suzuki RMX450Z with Adam Riemann

Back in 2010, Adam Riemann tested the all-new Suzuki RMX450Z for ADB. He didn't just flog it through any old trails, Adam took the RMX450Z racing in the AORC.

Bike Reviews
09 April 2020

ADB ARCHIVES: 2011 Beta RR 450 and 520

Betas aren't the rare and somewhat exotic enduro bikes they once were, but in the mid-to-late noughties if you were seen on the trails riding a Beta people would point and stare.

Bike Reviews
08 April 2020

ADB ARCHIVES: 2010 Gas Gas EC 250 FSR

While we await the release of the first range of GasGas motorcycles under KTM rule, we take a look back at the Yamaha-powered EC 250 FSR from 2010!

Bike Reviews
06 April 2020


This is our quick test from ADB issue #373 of the 2010 TM EN 250 Fi which boasted electronic fuel injection!