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Grabbo ponders why a 300 and not a 350, then discovers why after spinning some laps for our 2023 Sherco 300 SE-F Review.

In previous years I have spent a decent amount of time riding 300 SEFs in standard trim, so that made this opportunity of do this 2023 Sherco 300 SE-F Factory review even more appealing to me.

Sherco definitely do not hold back on their Factory models when decking them out during production, check out this huge list of bling and high-end components. Oxia oversized handlebars, dual-map switch for optional power modes, Selle Dalla Valle seat, black anodized billet triple clamps, excel Takasago rims, Galfer front/rear discs, Brembo brakes, Brembo hydraulic clutch, Akrapovic full titanium exhaust system and Factory inspired in-mould graphics.

At first glance when doing this 2023 Sherco 300 SE-F Factory review, the Full Titanium Akrapovic easily caught my eye first up. The 450/500 SEF both have Akrapovic slip-on exhausts, but neither are titanium or full systems. If anything screams Factory Racer or quality, it is a full titanium Akrapovic exhaust system.

When conducting this 2023 Sherco 300 SE-F Factory review, it is impossible for me not to think of all the off-road riding Champions that have chosen this particular model as their Weapon of choice. Graham Jarvis Extreme Enduro god, Mathew Phillips WEC Champion, Hamish MacDonald WEC Champion, Cody Webb American Endurocross Champion and now Wil Ruprecht is Sherco mounted to defend his World Championship.

Heading out onto the test loop I was thinking to myself, why do Sherco choose to make this a 300cc when most of the competitors in this mid capacity category go with a 350cc version? The test loop I had access to was your typical Victorian natural terrain, a bush loop on the side of a hill in and out of gum trees, with a mix of loose stony sections that was a dusty choppy mess.

In the exact order I remember experiencing different aspects of the 300 SEF and here they are. First was the minimal engine braking when closing the throttle to slow or enter a corner. This was a great experience for me as it made the bike feel super light and made corner entrance very comfortable when choosing lines. Most of the mid-capacity four-strokes I have ridden tend to have a lot of engine braking that can take a bit of getting use to at first.

Next was the mild bottom end power. I actually expected the bottom end power to come on more aggressively than what it does, however it comes on very smooth and gradual. Mid to top end rpm is where this engine really comes to life.

There were two decent length straights on the test loop where I had to change up at least two gears on every other Sherco model. That was not the case on the 300 SEF as it revs for what seems like forever in each gear, allowing me to do at least half the gear changes I normally would. Speaking of the gearbox, even though you can stretch out each gear, thanks to the ability of this engine to rev so high and still make power, the gearbox  feels to be  super close ratio when you are just cruising around shifting gears and not changing revs .

The last thing that really stood out to me on this model is how responsive the whole package is. I attribute this to the fact you feel minimal engine inertia. There is not much engine braking, providing you keep the revs no lower than the midrange. It can launch out of any corner or situation as fast as you desire to twist the throttle.

The KYB suspension package is what I class the perfect mix. It has a a soft enough initial action to have nice feel and grip over snotty messy terrain, or can tackle a cupped out rough as guts special test loop. It gives you full confidence you are not going to run out of travel.

OK, so all these attributes can make it a weapon of a race bike but what about using it as a trail bike? Both the KYB fork and shock have the range and feel to easily handle a rider much heavier than my 80kg especially for trail riding situations. Performance wise, even with the soft feeling bottom end power this engine produces plenty of torque. This means a much heavier rider than me could easily lug their way up a huge hill with no fuss at all and if you feel like you need all the torque you can get, then I found the mellow map mode produced the best torque.

Quite possibly the best attribute of this bike for trail riding is the perfect mix it has of feeling settled and light all in one. Generally these two traits don’t come together evenly, but Sherco have done a great job at making this 300 SEF feel very planted and stable over all kinds of terrain. Yet it still feels like you are riding a light weight, small bore that you can change direction onto any line or pull-up in a heartbeat for the tightest of turns.

Everything I experienced on this bike during my ride time answered the question I was thinking about of why Sherco chose to stick with a 300cc. They have fine-tuned this package that well that it all works together in harmony and creates one very sweet ride. If all the whispers are correct from the 2023 Australian Sherco enduro model launch this could be the last opportunity to pick up this tried and proven 300 SEF Factory winner, as the next one is meant to be updated quite a lot.


2023 SHERCO 300 SEF FACTORY review


Type                          single-cylinder four-stroke, DOHC four-valve

Displacement         303.68cc

Bore & Stroke        84mm x 54.8mm

Cooling                     Liquid cooled with expansion tank and thermo fan

Compression ratio N/A

Fuel metering        Synerject digital electronic fuel injection

Tank capacity        9.7 litres

Transmission          Six-speed sequential gearbox, primary gears and chain secondary

Clutch                       Brembo hydraulic, multi-disc in oil bath


Wheelbase             1490mm

Seat height             950mm

Ground clearance 355mm

Claimed Weight    N/A


Front                         48mmKYB closed-cartridge, fully adjustable with model specific settings 300mm travel

Rear                          50mm KYB Shock , 18mm shaft , 330mm travel fully adjustable with model specific settings .


Front                         Brembo hydraulic 260mm Galfer disc

Rear                          Brembo hydraulic 220 Galfer disc


Handlebar               Oxia oversized

Front tyre                 Michelin Enduro Medium 90/90-21

Rear tyre                 Michelin Enduro Medium 140/80-18


RRP $15,999


BLOWER 03 83631600

Warranty 6 months