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LONG TERM TEST | 2024 YAMAHA YZ450F #1 | Bike Reviews

The new 2024 Yamaha YZ450 sends Boydy back to racing motocross. Boydy tells us what the first month has been like with his Yamaha YZ450 long term test bike.

The last Yamaha YZ450F test bike I had in my garage was a 2019 model. I have to admit I was a fan of the 2019 model and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. The bike gave me no troubles and I really enjoyed riding it. Fast forward five years and I find myself with another Yamaha YZ450 long term test bike but this time in the way of a 2024 model.

In a fast four weeks the Yamaha YZ450 long term test bike has managed to restore my desire to go riding every week and I have already clocked up ten hours of ride time on the new YZ. I have completed my first motocross race in around five years and have even entered to race my first stadium motocross event since I was a twenty year old.

All I have done to the YZ in the past ten hours of ride time is stick a set a Kustom MX numbers on the bike and play around with the suspension clickers. I have stiffened up the compression a little and have so far given the engine an oil change twice. Once at five hours, and again at ten hours and both times the engine oil came out looking reasonably clean with nothing in the oil filter.

The new Yamaha YZ450 long term test bike is very impressive to ride. The power is incredibly strong but manageable and the bike handles and steers just as good as a 250 machine. The YZ was once a big, heavy and aggressive bike to ride but these days Yamaha have drastically transformed it to still be incredibly powerful but one of, if not the easiest bike to ride in the class.

They are no longer a big heavy bike but a bike that steers very well while still being stable at speed. The power is insanely strong but with some engine mapping that is super impressive it is able to get the power to the ground without being uncontrollable. It is a very easy bike to ride which instills a lot of confidence in the rider.

Next month I am going to customise the look of the Yamaha YZ450 long term test bike with a custom ADB sticker kit from Kustom Mx Graphics and fit a custom pleated gripper seat cover from Topline Upholstery. Then we have pans to fit a bunch of GYTR gear to this bike like an exhaust system and hydraulic clutch kit and let you guys know how this all works and what differences it makes to the YZ.

2024 YAMAHA YZ450F


$15,149.00 INC GST


Three months, parts only


Yamaha Australia





MODS NEXT MONTH: Kustom Mx Sticker Kit, Topline Upholstery Seat Cover

Mat Boyd