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PRODUCT EVALUATION | LEATT 2.0 HYDRATION PACK #2 | Back End | Product Evaluations

We check back in with ADB Ed Mitch Lees to see how he's going with the Leatt 2.0 Hydradri Titanium Moto Hydration Pack.

Remember the good old days when there was pretty much only one hydration pack (most of us remember CamelBak) on the market? With the choice of only one brand the features and quality were average. Thankfully, nowadays there’s a bunch of different companies making hydration packs and the extra competition means better products and one of the best is the Leatt 2.0 Hydradri Titanium Moto Hydration Pack.

Holy Moly does this thing come loaded with features! There’s a pocket for everything and they’ve gone away from the standard cut belt and top strap for a much better fitment.


No Straps I have never been a fan of the traditional gut strap and chest strap for any back pack let alone a hydration pack that’s going to bounce all over my back. Leatt use a clip system that pulls together on your chest so there’s nothing showing off my rolls.

Material The outside material feels like spandex but it isn’t. It’s incredibly durable and waterproof.

Tough I’ve put this thing through the ringer and not a single thing has broken. Seriously, no rips or busted buckles. The bite valve is still in great shape.

Features This thing is like the Batman utility belt, it has that many features. It has a two-litre bladder and five litres of storage, a waterproof liner, a unique chest harness, pockets on the chest, including a mobile phone pouch with touch screen function, back foam for protection, a lightweight helmet carrier system for full-face and/or MTB helmet, dual hydration tube exit for two-way routing – over the shoulder or under the arm, removable tool card, a safety whistle, a heat reflective inner back panel to keep liquid cool or hot, a stretch mesh bladder pocket and ventilation in the back.


Strap The tubing was long and there was no clip to hold the very end bit to the pack so I have been tucking it into one of the many pockets.

Price At $300 the Leatt Titanium is an expensive piece of kit but it has the features and durability to match.


Everything about this product is excellent from the features to the comfort and durability. There was nothing I could fault on this pack, especially the chest harness. It’s a great pack for day rides but if you plan on carrying some overnight essentials, you may want something bigger.

Mitch Lees





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