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ADB's Sub Editor Warren Jack has been busy getting flat tyres in an effort to further test the Motopressor Pocket Pump.

A few weeks back I got to fire a shot in battle so to speak when an opportunity arose to use the Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 in real conditions. We were on a ride on the south coast of NSW when one of our number pulled into the lunch stop at East Lynne servo with a flat rear tyre. The usual happened with everyone gathering around to give unsolicited advice as the rider with the flat proceeded to skin his knuckles and use words that his mother shouldn’t hear. Those words got louder and more anatomical when he was informed that the servo’s compressor was out of action.

As it happened I was carrying the Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 in my backpack and I have an SAE plug wired into my KTM so it was problem solved and smiles all around.


It was a matter of a minute to get the Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 out of my pack and ready to go, and the tube was pumped up with a few psi to give it shape for the initial installation, then pumped up fully and the wheel put back in. Then someone produced a tyre pressure gauge and it was decide more air was needed. He wheeled his bike over to mine and pumped it some more. There is a valve on the Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 that will take a pressure gauge so it doesn’t need to be disconnected from the tyre valve to check pressure.

So in total I used the Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 three times, and my bike then started at first touch of the button. The drain on the battery had been minimal and the tyre was pumped up in about two minutes.


There is nothing I can think of that is negative about the experience using the Pocket Pump V2 except that the servo has a liquor licence and the bloke with the flat didn’t offer to buy me a beer afterwards.


The Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 is a very useful bit of kit to carry when riding, it’s not too big, weighs very little and on a hot day saves you sweating over a hand pump or fiddling with single use CO2 canisters. It now has a permanent place with my riding gear.



RRP $89.95