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We've been using the Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 for months now and it proving a handy thing to have in the backpack.

In the interests of science I’ve put the Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 through rigorous testing and it came through with flying colours. We’re all about the science here at ADB. Don’t say I told you but one of us even has a tattoo of Albert Einstein in a place only his intimate friends have ever seen. I wasn’t about to deliberately get a puncture and then fix it but I did simulate one by removing the valve core from both tyres and then using the Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 to re-inflate them.


I usually run about 25psi at both ends of Suzy the Budget ADV Bike so I gave the Motopressor two minutes exactly on the front tyre to see what it would do and it read 33psi on my gauge. I did the same on the rear which took three minutes to reach 27psi which is quite respectable I reckon. It’s a much more preferable method than sweating away with a hand pump and getting yourself all hot and bothered. The carry case also makes a handy rest to keep the unit up and out of the dirt when running it.

I was concerned about how much the battery would be drained but Suzy started first touch of the button after pumping both tyres up so that worry was groundless. If you did have any doubts about your battery though you could just let your bike idle while the Motopressor was in use.


I’m really scratching to find anything negative about this great little bit of gear but just maybe the hose from the unit to the tyre valve could be a little longer for ease of connecting.


The Motopressor Pocket Pump V2 will be going with me on every ride from now on. I already have a fixed cable with SAE plug on my bike to plug a trickle charger in so I’m halfway there. When somebody gets a flat I’ll just casually take it out of my backpack and ask them “you’ll be buying the beers tonight won’t you?”

Warren Jack


RRP $89.95