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READER’S RIDE: 2019 Sherco 250SEF Factory | Features | Reader's Ride

ADB reader Ian Watts talks to us about his 2019 Sherco 250SEF Factory.

I chose it because it’s the best bike on the market. It’s easy to manage and it doesn’t have too much power. I can ride it all day and still have a lot of fun. The fun factor is definitely a plus. I chose the Factory model. I think the pipe and the KYB suspension (which aren’t on the standard ‘Racing’ model) factor into that decision as well.

We’ve put some inserts in and I put a bump seat on so I don’t slide off the back. It’s got Steg Pegz on it. I also put a brake cooler on it for the hills down here (Vic High Country) so I don’t boil them. It’s got Sherco brake discs and also a Sherco Factory strap on the rear guard. We put the Talon wheels with a tubeless system on as well, but everything else is straight out of the box.

The KYB suspension is good, but it’s different. It’s a slower suspension than the White Power (on the ‘Racing’ model). The WP is quick to rebound, whereas the KYB is slower. The tubeless system is unbelievable. I run 6psi and it’s an amazing thing. It will go anywhere any other bike will go. The 250 is just as quick as a 500 but it doesn’t wear you out. You can go over the logs, you can physically lift it and, mentally, you know you’re on a little bike so you can do anything.

Of course I recommend it. We [Toowomba Bikes and Bits] have been a dealer for five years and we’ve been number one nationally for two of those five years. We’ve sold a lot of Sherco units. If you put someone on it, they’ll buy it.
You could talk about it all day, but once they ride it, they’ll buy it. They really do sell themselves. with Dylan Ruddy

WHAT 2019 Sherco 250SEF Factory
WHO Ian (Wattsy) Watts
WHERE FROM Toowoomba Bikes and Bits (Ian owns it)
HOW MUCH $14,490

1 Ian Watts and his wife bought Toowoomba Bikes and Bits back in 2000.
2 The Toowoomba Motorcycle Club has 1400 acres and 1800 members. The club property, which is only 20 minutes away, lets the shop use the facility as a testing ground.
3 Wattsy’s marketing strategy is to take buyers for a spin. By riding with them, the shop builds good relationships and the bikes sell themselves.
4 He and 11 mates from Toowoomba (mostly on Shercos) made the trek down to Mt Buller this year to do a tour with Dave Marsicano’s Mt Buller Motorcycle Adventures.
5 He doesn’t mind the odd carrot.