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Click ’N’ Ride Indicators | Back End | Features | Product Evaluations

Aussie brand Click ’N’ Ride has been around for a while and the concept behind their indicators is an interesting one, especially if you’re sick of busting the stock blinkers every time you ride.

As the name suggests, with Click ’N’ Ride you simply “click” the indicators into place when you’re on the road and heading for your favourite trails.

Then when you get to the dirt, you quickly “unclick” the indicators and stash them in your bumbag or backpack, safe from being damaged while you’re bashing through the bush. This piece of trailriding magic is made possible by Click ’N’ Rides second-generation quick-release indicators, which are Phillips LED units and fully road legal. The indicators are supplied with universal socket mounts, which you attach to your bike, and the indicators click into the sockets.

The sockets are supplied with bullet electrical connectors, and they come with rubber plugs that can be popped into the sockets when you remove the indicators, to protect against dust and moisture. We’ve received a four pack of Click N Ride indicators and we’ve fitted them to our Honda CRF450L long-termer in place of the bulky stock turn signals to see how they perform. Andrew Clubb

Indicators $149.95 (four pack),
resistors $14.95 (pair),
roll-up storage pouch (above) $12.95

Phone: (02) 6430 8616